Lifegate Kids is the children's ministry of Lifegate Church for children ages birth through 5th grade.

First time visiting Lifegate?

Save yourself some time by registering your family ahead of time.


We're excited to see you, but we know you probably have some questions. We're here to help with some of the most common ones. Don't see yours here? The people wearing volunteer stickers will be glad to help once you arrive!

We would recommend starting by registering your family prior to arriving by following this link. We also have an option to register your family once you arrive if you would prefer to do that in-person. We do collect some information about your child such as their name, allergies or dietary needs, and birth date, as well as a name and contact number for you.

When you first arrive at our church, you’ll be welcomed by one of our team members wearing an easily identifiable name badge. They will be more than happy to show you to the Lifegate Kids check-in area.

Once you arrive at the check-in area, you will first notice a kiosk where you can register your family if you haven’t done so prior. If you have already registered, you can continue down the hall to the check-in stations. At this point, you can simply enter your phone number, choose which of your children you will be checking in, and choose “Check In” to print their name and security tags. You are now free to continue down the hallway with your child to the appropriate classroom. For the safety of the other children and our teachers, we’ll ask that you say your “see you later!”s at the door. Thank you for your understanding!

Safety is one of our highest priorities in Lifegate Kids and it is important to us that both you and your child feel comfortable.

All of our teachers and helpers in Lifegate Kids are screened and must pass a background check with each classroom having a minimum of two teachers. Our hallways and classrooms are also closely monitored by our security team the entire day.

At check-in, both you and your child will receive stickers with matching identification codes. Your child will wear their sticker into class while you keep yours with you. After service, you will present the sticker to the teacher in order to have your child released. If we need to reach you during service, the identification code will be displayed on the screens.

While we have three different classrooms depending on your child’s age, each classroom is focused on bringing the Bible to life. Through videos, fun activities, and conversation, we try to ensure our kids remain engaged while learning who God is, what His Word says, and how they can apply it to their daily lives.